Plays With Glass: Adornment for Body

I am very pleased to present my fused glass jewelry. In no fewer than three firings, the glass is fused in my kiln, then wrapped with or set in sterling or fine silver. Each step is done in small batches, entirely by me.

In some cases, glass is not used and the piece is made solely of metals like silver and/or copper.

My signature purple gift box, complete with my hand-tweaked “tie-dye” tissue paper, is included with each piece of jewelry, and a wonderful new bumper sticker featuring my dancing twins accompanies each order.

Customer service is of utmost importance to me. In this day and age of mass-produced goods, I hope you'll find my attention to detail refreshing.

On each page, the photos will enlarge and the watermark will disappear when you click on the image on the second page that loads for that particular item.

Please understand that due to the nature of dichroic glass, it is very difficult to photograph. Pay attention to the descriptions on each piece, as it is virtually impossible to photograph all of the intricacies of each piece. I have done my best to get the color descriptions as accurate as possible. If you need a specific color match, contact me.

These pages are on a vacation hold because I have realized that it takes as much time to photograph everything and keep up with changes on the site as it does to make the jewelry in the first place. As I do everything myself, I have decided to leave them as is and to update photos infrequently. If you are interested in a particular product and cannot get out to a show or a shop, go to Contact Us and leave me a message. I can take photos of what's available and ship to you. Easy peasy!